Patients review

Excellent results within very short timespan , Dr Sonali treated me with personal care , affection and make all my problems vanished with her expert diagnosis and treatment plan!


She is a magician, getting an excellent results.


Excellent doc. Treated with professionalism and care.

Sonia Singh

It has been a great experience so far with Dr. Sonali Patil. Very satisfied with the treatment. I Thank to Dr Sonali.

Rujata Kadam

Excellent result doc very nice. My experience is good.

Pallavi Sachin Pawar

Dr.Sonali’s treatment of homeopathy is best, very good experience for my sinus treatment. Thank you Dr.Sonali.

Rakesh Nakhate

Seriously very usefull information …asach anek topic var knowledge milel

Sneha Gondhale Mirajkar

Very Nice information..well explained too..normally ladies dnt know abt these problems becoz of this article all ladies get important knowledge n in correct way.

Rucha Samdani

Mam mala tumcha post khub aavdtat khup mahiti milte techatun ani mala hi pcod cha problem aslamule mazasati tar khupch mahtvachi aste tumchi post Mi kharghar made rahate ani ata 2 mahine hot ale mi homopathic treatment ghete ani mala techa khupch fayda zala aye ani atacha maza sonorgraphy report made pcod ch praman kami aye tumche khup khup aabhar ki tumi evda Chan post takun kalji ne sagla sakhina yogh margdarshan karta ……….Thanku so much sakhi. 🙏 🙏

Sangita Sargar

Mala tumchi post khup faydeshir tharali. Mala acidity cha khup tras ahe ani PCOD ani sinus pana ahe, tumhi dileli homoeopathic treatment ne mala khup farak padala. Acidity kami zhali ahe ani sinus pan, PCOD mule jo hair fall hot hota to pan kamai zhala ahe. Thank you Dr

Rujata Patil Kadam RK
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